About Me & Links to Some of My Work

This blog has been set up as a sort of one-stop clip shop for my work. I am a journalist. I love to write. I love to edit. I love to illustrate my work with photos. Above all, I love to inform and educate the reader. This love translated into a quality piece of work that won a William Randolph Hearst Journalism Award in 2007. I ended up being a finalist at the Hearst Championship in June 2008, an experience I will treasure always.

I am always interested in writing news or opinion. Please take a look at my résumé by clicking on the link at the top of this page.

The first three of the articles below in the “Online” category are packages. Please be sure to follow the links on their pages to associated stories and content. NOTE: My blog, UA View, was taken down, as it was part of an internship. Below, you may find it in its entirety in two pdfs.

Print Work

Online Work


Opinion: UA View Part I
Home v. Dorms Books invite young minds to open to environmental possibilities UA View Part II
AZ’s choice: Fund schools, or prisons Eco-friendly school talks the talk and walks the walk, kids take it all home GreenEd
Pursuit of knowledge a rewarding chase Blog entry from GreenEd to replace a set of stories lost in the infinity of cyberspace:

Camp Cooper: Hands-On Learning

A farce in many acts: Child-support enforcement in Arizona
Freelance: Produced by Nature, Organic Coffee Benefits All
Coffee, anyone?
Business: Cat Scan Books Resource Page
Cat Scan Web Resources Page
Printers now get tax break Cat Scan Eco-Films Resource Page
For perfumer-photographer, ‘It’s all about people’
New businesses powered by environmental worries Opinion:
No ordinary joe is the goal at specialty coffee company
Tucson City Council getting desperate for dollars
News: Big News: US loses ‘only’ 11,000 jobs in November
Grey’s Anatomy’ star promotes birth control Pearl Harbor becoming a wisp of a memory
Tuition lawsuit has potential
Web project shines light on terrorist’s digital underground
An epidemic exposed
UA sets bar for transgender access rights
Ballard: P-card fraud case mishandled
UAPD sees drop in skateboarding violations