About me

I graduated from the University of Arizona, summa cum laude, in May 2008. Though it took me quite some time to get there, it was worth every moment, both personally and professionally.

Right after graduating from high school, I decided to be a photojournalist. After a frustrating first year at college, I left school to hack at life on my own. With good intentions, but little training, this was an unfruitful experience.

Over the next 14 years, I would get married, become a parent, get divorced, remarry and have another child.

I worked at many jobs, including as a hotel housekeeper, a typist for a real estate title insurance company and an administrative secretary. None of them made me happy.

The defining moment of my new life came shortly after the birth of my second child. I was laid off – twice in two months.

Not long after that, I chose to go back to college. After all those years, journalism was still what I wanted. Through a vigorous program of learning how reporters and editors get their jobs done, how to take effective photographs and why good journalism is important to society, I became a journalist.


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